Studio shot, Blackwater AZ, Christmas 2013

Studio shot, Blackwater AZ, Christmas 2013


Thin Leather

a collaboration between my father Olen Perkins and I

Thin Leather was my great-grandfather's nickname. He was trilingual because he had to be. He walked around prophesying. He would knock at your door and talk in English, Spanish, and O'odham. He walked til his shoes wore thin.

Thin Leather became a way of exploring the idea of verbal and visual language as a way of familial healing, mark making through convoluted histories, census documents, and conversations. We mailed things through the post, we called one another, tossed in notes, apologized for shortcomings, and worked on over 25 paintings together navigating the complications that arise amidst familial dynamics and the unpacking of a shared history.

The exhibition was a "pick" in the East Bay Express in which art reviewer Sarah Burke noted:

 The Perkins’ work culminates in a visual language that calls upon their Native American heritage but never directly references it. Rather, it rejects coherence in a celebration of the difficulty and dissonance that sometimes comes with inherited collaborations, such as family and history.

There are zine/posters from this exhibition still available through Wolfman Books in Oakland, both online + in shop with a text essay, process photos, and a full size 18x24" color poster on newsprint