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I'm leaving  Oakland in three days.

I have a crazy spring.

First up is APRIL 14th: Solo exhibition at LOOM Indigenous Gallery in Gallup NM

The title of the exhibition is "He'd Be a Mountain, She'd Be a Hill"

title taken from stream of consciousness writing, ask me about it, but it came to me last week

Mid-month I'll be in Central Arizona working on a new screen print edition in collaboration with my father Olen Perkins, a frequent collaborator. This screen print will be printed by Night Diver Press in Oakland and available in time for the SF Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street Project this summer (July 20-22, San Francisco CA).

End of month I will be doing a site specific mural in Albuquerque NM for "Because It's Time" -- a huge group show exploring race and place in NM. My piece "RP + NN FOREVER" combines paintings, murals, family photos, and reflections on native vs. invasive plants. 

While away in the Southwest this summer, I will also be finishing a zine of writing + print material as well as laying the most significant foundation for my public art project in the Bay Area to be exhibited May 2019 via Kala. Community engagement will begin in the fall.

Other shows will be posted here as I know! Otherwise, NM / southwest folks, see you soon. I love you. Bay, see you later this year.