New residency for 2018-2019

Hi. I am in the Bay again for a time. 

Excited to announce that I am a Print Public resident at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA starting this week. 

A little about the residency:

From its founding days, Kala was envisioned as a place where people gather to exchange creative ideas and share technology and tools. Expanding on this idea, Print Public takes this exchange from the Kala studios out to San Pablo Avenue. Specifically, Print Public provides an opportunity for artists to create temporary public art along the San Pablo Avenue corridor, meeting people where they are, on the street, at bus stops, markets, shops, and in the neighborhood, connecting artists and the community.

Print Public Award Includes: $7,500 stipend, up to 17 months of studio residency at Kala Art Institute with 24/7 access to our communal studio spaces, one Kala class and a group exhibition.


I am extremely honored to begin working on such a large term project with a foundation in both research and community engagement. I have proposed to work with local youth on a collaborative print + sculpture installation exploring the complex histories/futures of the neighborhood + Bay breaking up my residency period into different stages of development, fabrication, and leading various art workshops throughout the calendar year that are both free + open to the public held in spaces such as parks, community centers, and more.

Throughout the process, this piece would give the very youth of the neighborhood a space to gather, create, and sustain their ideas working within the realms of social practice, installation, and 2-d media. Collaboration is still a huge part of my practice and I look forward to seeing what comes from such a committed process and timeline. Updates will be posted here as the project itself develops.