it's been a busy few months. I have three events/exhibitions in the SF Bay Area this next month. 



The Bay Area Center for Utopian Sports mission is to make new sports for a new world. We engage in critical dialogue and creative projects related to sports, radical futures, space, and community. Join us for a day of interactive performances and critical inquiry into our relationships to the world and the world of sports. With contributions by: Grace Rosario Perkins, Sarah Hotchkiss,  Jordan Karnes, Heavy Breathing, INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media, Unity Skateboards, Takming Chuang, Bradley Smith, and Anelise Chen

For this event, I've contributed writing, a sports banner made in collab with my 83 year old grandmother, and a t-shirt with stream of consciousness sports memories

This show has pushed a new project that I will be flushing out in either an upcoming solo or two person exhibition later this year.




OPENING RECEPTION: Sat, June 2, 4-7:30pm @Adobebookshop ft. music by Sailor Neptune @r.0.l.i & food by Milktooth @mjolktooth Pop-Up Kitchen

Artists: Rewina Beshue @rgb_

Robin Birdd @robin_birdd

Raychelle Duazo @bombchelle

Maya Fuji @fuji1kenobe

Tina Kashiwagi @tkash_

Chris Mancinas @sleepybbybutt

Grace Rosario Perkins @gracerosarioo


This exhibition is curated by Renae M. @rlmuas and co-presented with Adobe Books as part of @AAWAA_SF Emerging Curators Program and funded in part by California Arts Council



Curated by Jeanne Vaccaro

Opening reception: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Exhibition Dates: Jun 6, 2018 to Jun 30, 2018

Gallery Hours (or by appointment): Wednesday-Saturday, 2-6pm

Reading Room: The Feminist Art of Self Help is a group exhibition that explores the work of artists who critique gender essentialism of feminism from within and outside its movements. Rooted in the tradition of experimental and intersectional feminist arts, exhibiting artists create new visual language and interventions in response to current and urgent political formations.

Reading Room exhibiting artists not only call for political action, but also the creation of artistic spaces as forms of self-care. This desire to undermine the binary of private and public space comes from an awareness of the inescapability of their own bodies that are legislated, hold trauma, and reproduce social, political, and biological histories. Reading Room addresses the desire to revisit and put to use feminism in its full and sometimes messiest iterations of hope and desire.

Exhibiting Artists:
Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo / Christen Clifford / Ricki Dwyer / Nicki Green / Linda Montano / Laura Parnes / Grace Rosario Perkins / Allison Smith / Julie Tolentino / Abigail Severance / Stephanie Young / Museum of Woman (Mikki Yamashiro and Machine McLaughlin) / The Canaries (Jesse Cohen & Taraneh Fazeli)

Reading Room is in concert with a later exhibition, Curriculum, which will open at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York on January 18, 2019.

(Image credit: Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, As Bright As Yellow, 2017, canvas, acrylic, indigo dyed fabric, string, and yellow leotard, dimensions variable)


The Jack K. & Gertrude Murphy Award and the Edwin Anthony & Adalaine Boudreaux Cadogan Scholarships help fuel the continued forward-thinking visual arts movement that makes the Bay Area unique. Established in 1986, these awards are designed to further the development of Bay Area MFA students and to foster the exploration of their artistic potential in hybrid practice, installation, mixed media, painting, photography, and sculpture.  The winner of the Murphy Award receives $40,000 and winners of the Cadogan Scholarships receive $6,500 each; all awardees will have their work displayed in a professionally-curated exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center in August 2018.

  • In July I tentatively have six exhibitions in six cities! Some I will actually attend the openings. More on this later-- but creating new bodies of work specifically for a few of these exhibitions.
  • I will be part of a summer intensive through Bush Gallery and the Plugin Institute of Contemporary Art titled "Site/ation" for three weeks during the month of August in Winnipeg, Canada.

The 2018 summer intensive with Plug In ICA enacts ideas of site/ation. How are we influenced, challenged, changed and politically tied to the lands in our communities and in our orbits. Participants will camp on the land together, read relevant texts, go for walks on the land, dream new relationships, and will research and learn by making and doing.

  • I will also be part of an amazing group show at Oakland's PT. 2 Gallery titled "INTERFERENCE" opening on August 11.

Artists include:



pulse check / ocotillo blooms / red dirt / fantasy of possibility / roots / a concrete home

I'm leaving  Oakland in three days.

I have a crazy spring.

First up is APRIL 14th: Solo exhibition at LOOM Indigenous Gallery in Gallup NM

The title of the exhibition is "He'd Be a Mountain, She'd Be a Hill"

title taken from stream of consciousness writing, ask me about it, but it came to me last week

Mid-month I'll be in Central Arizona working on a new screen print edition in collaboration with my father Olen Perkins, a frequent collaborator. This screen print will be printed by Night Diver Press in Oakland and available in time for the SF Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street Project this summer (July 20-22, San Francisco CA).

End of month I will be doing a site specific mural in Albuquerque NM for "Because It's Time" -- a huge group show exploring race and place in NM. My piece "RP + NN FOREVER" combines paintings, murals, family photos, and reflections on native vs. invasive plants. 

While away in the Southwest this summer, I will also be finishing a zine of writing + print material as well as laying the most significant foundation for my public art project in the Bay Area to be exhibited May 2019 via Kala. Community engagement will begin in the fall.

Other shows will be posted here as I know! Otherwise, NM / southwest folks, see you soon. I love you. Bay, see you later this year.




shapeshifters cinema-- expanded cinema + music performance collab w/ arc !!


>>> exploring a number of colliding concepts in an expanded cinema performance/first show of our new band. synthesizing a spectra of different color theories as they relate to overlapping myths/cosmologies and the transmutation of wave forms. mark your calendars for the first of a new collaboration. one night in oakland. show up on time, not punk time.




arc refers to a process rather than an author. a curve within a void which makes something momentarily visible. material elements used to investigate immaterial states. framing the space of encounter as a site of unfixed ritual and sensory research. arc work has been presented at The Lab, San Francisco Cinematheque, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Massart Film Society (Boston), NDSM Treehouse (Amsterdam), and L’ Abominable (Paris/La Courneuve), among others.


Having spent most of her life moving between city centers, the Navajo Nation, and the Gila River Indian Community, Grace Rosario Perkins is interested in disassembling her personal narrative and reassembling it as one that layers words, objects, faces, signifiers, and sound built from cultural dissonance, language, and history. Grace has lectured at venues such as the Mills College, UC Santa Barbara, Occidental College, the San Francisco Public Library, Real Time and Space Oakland, and the Museum of Arts and Design NY. She has been an artist-in-residence at ACRE, Varda Artists Residency, Sedona Summer Colony, White Leaves, Facebook HQ, and Kala Art Institute.

New residency for 2018-2019

Hi. I am in the Bay again for a time. 

Excited to announce that I am a Print Public resident at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA starting this week. 

A little about the residency:

From its founding days, Kala was envisioned as a place where people gather to exchange creative ideas and share technology and tools. Expanding on this idea, Print Public takes this exchange from the Kala studios out to San Pablo Avenue. Specifically, Print Public provides an opportunity for artists to create temporary public art along the San Pablo Avenue corridor, meeting people where they are, on the street, at bus stops, markets, shops, and in the neighborhood, connecting artists and the community.

Print Public Award Includes: $7,500 stipend, up to 17 months of studio residency at Kala Art Institute with 24/7 access to our communal studio spaces, one Kala class and a group exhibition.


I am extremely honored to begin working on such a large term project with a foundation in both research and community engagement. I have proposed to work with local youth on a collaborative print + sculpture installation exploring the complex histories/futures of the neighborhood + Bay breaking up my residency period into different stages of development, fabrication, and leading various art workshops throughout the calendar year that are both free + open to the public held in spaces such as parks, community centers, and more.

Throughout the process, this piece would give the very youth of the neighborhood a space to gather, create, and sustain their ideas working within the realms of social practice, installation, and 2-d media. Collaboration is still a huge part of my practice and I look forward to seeing what comes from such a committed process and timeline. Updates will be posted here as the project itself develops.