The palette isn’t really about mixing but more about rock. We’re making these paintings in the Desert. Ocotillo branches and dead cactus bundles and Gila monsters and ghost stories. Chumuth bread and laughing at the Indian Hospital, store runs, dogs, dancing.


This work was exhibited at Southern Exposure, San Francisco, in Sooner or Later.

The curatorial statement reads:  "From the raw material of what is and what has been, these artists create diverse and complex visions of what could be. By turns hopeful and dismal, acutely funny and emphatically human, they cast spells of influence over our imagined future and, in so doing, turn a critical eye on our present."



>>>> the work shown here includes smaller paintings made collaboratively with my father Olen Perkins in Blackwater on the Gila River Indian Reservation (indigenous population: 94.64% with a .99% white population)


>>>> larger work created in Sedona on land that now holds a .94% indigenous population and a 92.17% white population and used as a ersatz stage floor for the performance "We Belong Together


>>>> plants transported from home were installed, ocotillo set at the base of the installation-- a plant of protection, resiliency, and hardened for housing material and fencing

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